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What are you missing?

A large client needed an inexpensive mailing piece to arouse curiosity as to digital security features.

It had to be envelope-sized and low cost. We knew right away a fridge magnet was just not going to hit it. 

Solution? After postcards were printed with a generic picture, a short phrase was printed across the middle in invisible ink: 
'What are you missing?'
We included a small UV flashlight in the package. So when the UV light was shone on the card, the message glowed clear and bright. They had missed something, and as always, 'fear of loss' principle spurred recipients to take action.

We also included a blacklight pen to give them all some fun. Client reported great ROI and talking point.

The Camera USB

The video says it all

Fully Custom Shirts

When one of our great clients in Bermuda needed custom-coordinated apparel for the America's Cup, we loved the challenge...

Working with the licensee in the UK, with the client in Bermuda, the manufacturers in Vietnam, and a very tight timeframe to make it interesting, we got over six hundred pieces custom-designed, color-coordinated, and shipped from Vietnam direct to Bermuda with just a week to spare!

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